Hire Me

Desolo Sub HumusI'm Sheila Tanner, or Desolo Sub Humus if you listen to ambient music. I have over 8 years experience in HTML, CSS, and graphic design, creating open, 'invisible' designs that encourage users to focus on content. I have 7 years of experience with sound design, though I began playing sheet music on violin 31 years ago.

I enjoy finding new ways to solve design problems using a minimum of resources, whether that means using less code (while still supporting legacy browsers) to reduce load time or using fewer materials to create tangible products. Using a minimum of resources, at least in Web, UX, and UI Design, also allows for maximum customization, allowing each user to see their preferred fonts at their preferred size on their preferred device. Modern design is always responsive to the user's needs and is never one-size-fits-all.

I also enjoy incorporating cultural elements to what I create, whether that means using musical instruments and scales from other countries or visual designs based on patterns created by different ethnic groups. Considering all the travelling I've done and cultures I've immersed myself in, chances are that I really have 'been there, done that'.

I am flexible enough to feel comfortable working alone or in a team, and since I put the user first, I am equally comfortable creating 2D and 2.5D designs, as well as creating text navigation or metaphoric icons with alternate text for screen readers; whichever makes for a better experience for the user.

On the occasions when I take a break from work, I can often be found playing EVE Online and pewing it up in null-sec with my husband or puzzling through any of Amanita Design's fun little creations. I play games to interrupt my design-bingeing - not the other way around - so feel free to contact me to discuss any projects you would like me to work on for you.

UX Design: Elicit positive experiences using psychology, gestalt principles, color theory, and visual metaphors with favorable cross-cultural meanings.

UI Design: Design beautiful and intuitive user interfaces which allow people to interact with programs without the need to consult lengthy manuals.

Web Design: Use of HTML and CSS in combination with graphics and color schemes to create beautiful, responsive, interactive websites.

Sound Design: Create atmospheric soundscapes which allow the content of the listener's environment to interplay with the emotional quality of the ambient music.

Print Design: Print high quality branded materials taking into account both visual factors, thickness and weight of materials, and the tactile feel of the end product.

Web Development: Develop apps with complex interactive features and allow app to learn about users through software, scripting libraries, APIs, and custom scripts.